Bellway profits up by a third

Chief dismisses talk of a housing bubble, despite pressure to raise production as number of homes sold reaches highest in nearly four years Powered by WPeMatico


Vence la desmotivación: Runners

Llueve. Día gris. Miras tras el cristal y piensas que debe de ser una de esas horas en la que las calles aún no están montadas. Pero no, ahí afuera ya hay actividad….

Nick Clegg

Nick Clegg highlights Lib Dem plans to tax rich in Eastleigh campaign speech

Nick Clegg will claim the mantle of the fair tax party on Thursday in a speech designed to fire the starting pistol for the Eastleigh byelection due to take place on 28 February….

A British Gas processing platform.

Gas prices index launched in wake of fixing allegations

Growing concerns about the accuracy of prices reported in the natural gas market have been underlined after three major brokers launched their own set of indices covering the UK and Europe based on…

Qatari gas platform

Britain exports gas at a lower price than it imports it, analysis shows

Britain is exporting gas at a lower price than it is importing the fuel, prompting fears that household bills are being inflated. A Guardian analysis of gas flow in and out of the…

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