Election 2017: 'I’m suffering': woman who confronted May tells of disability cuts ordeal – as it happened

All the day’s campaign news live, as Labour and Plaid Cymru publish their official manifestos

9.07pm BST

That concludes our live coverage. Here’s a quick update on the events since my colleague, Andrew Sparrow’s afternoon summary:

9.00pm BST

Kathy Mohan, who has suffered from benefit cuts, was thrust into the political limelight on Monday, when she confronted the prime minister during a visit to Abingdon, in Oxfordshire.

“Do you know what I want? I want my disability living allowance to come back … I can’t live on £100 a month. They just took it all away from me,” she told Theresa May.

I wanted to have my say. I just came out with it. I said I have learning disabilities and I want to stick up for other people. I’ve seen what people are going through, I know that people are killing themselves….

It’s like I’ve got no life, I feel lost. I can’t go anywhere. I’ve got no money. I’ve used the food bank, I’ve never done that before in my life.

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