Sent on an hour’s drive in pursuit of jobseeker’s claim

I received a text to attend an interview in 20 minutes at a venue miles away

I was made redundant and filled in an online claim for jobseeker’s allowance. The website says you must attend an interview and that a text will be sent telling you when it will be. It also warns that the interview could be on the same day as you receive the text. That’s not a problem as my nearest Jobcentreplus is 10 miles away.

But when the text came it told me to report to Plymouth Jobcentreplus in 20 minutes. Plymouth is an hour’s drive away. Realising that my lack of superpowers might cost me the allowance, I spent 20 minutes on hold on the 3p-a-minute phone number given in the text. An adviser rescheduled the appointment for the next day, but said venues were allocated by postcode so it had to be Plymouth.

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